Security of Ports, Airports and Industrial Sites (Critical Infrastructures)

OUTROSPECTION develops collaborative projects that address the various complementary aspects of its expertise (airports, ports & harbours, critical infrastructures), but also aims to enrich the analysis through a global vision (security strategy – crisis response).

Airport sector. Outrospection is ready to guide its partners in the following areas:

  • to draft/update operational manuals to international standards (ISO, ISAGO)
  • to upgrade the airport “in service” to ISAGO certification
  • to anticipate a transfer or an increase in operations by raising the level of qualification of all interested parties to international standards, and by expanding skillsets.

Ports & Harbours.  We can update the necessary documentation (ISPS code) through a modern and evolving vision, in order to facilitate its implementation in all three components (training, equipment, procedures) and, if necessary, to initiate a reflection on the drafting of a “Policy for securing logistical flows”. (ISO 28000)

Critical Infrastructures.  For both these and other sensitive sites, in the face of rising security and terrorist threats, we can carry out security audits that encompass all of the following:

  • General security policy and identification of threats
  • Security plan and implementation support
  • Crisis response capability (organisation, surveillance, training)