Our Philosophy

Over the past few years, Transformation has become the new buzzword replacing Change. People use the two terms interchangeably, but we do not think they are really the same.

To us Transformation is different from Change. Transformation requires achieving internal fundamental change in your beliefs of why you perform certain actions. Transformation does not require any external influence to maintain, and because of its fundamental nature, transformation is more likely to be permanent. It is underpinned by values such as comprehensiveness, partnership, commitment, empathy, which are also our values, to which we have added one of our favourite concepts: Outrospection, where we step outside of ourselves into your shoes! We will understand you, and talk your language, not management speak.

Our preferred approach, based on many years dealing with people and leading multinational teams is top-down. We believe in your leadership!

This is supplemented by a subsidiary attitude: problems should be dealt with at the most immediate level consistent with their solution. We provide bespoke experienced teams for our selected partners.

The famous opening lines of The Go-between, by LP Hartley, read, The past is a foreign country: They do things different there. This is the vision we have for Outrospection.

What is the impact now, and in the future, of a better-understood past? It will surely have one! But it is not a question of giving pre-eminence to the past over the present or the future. It is a question of culture. At Outrospection, we take things seriously, we do not simply dismiss anyone or anything because it does not make sense to us. We try to squeeze facts, circumstances, environment, to derive better policies. To support you transforming your business. To put ourselves into your shoes!